Toilet Repair and Replacement Services in Spring, TX

Plumbing and Drain Innovations is your answer to a running toilet

If you hear water continually running in your bathroom or notice water around the base of the toilet, it may be time to call Plumbing and Drain Innovations for toilet repair. Whether the tank is leaking water back into the bowl, or the wax ring has developed a slow leak at the base of the toilet, you should have it fixed immediately to avoid larger issues.

Plumbing and Drain Innovations, LLC offer affordable toilet repair service and guarantees great work! If you have a toilet that is leaking or needs full replacement, Plumbing and Drain Innovations, LLC will get the job right the first time, and your bathroom will be back in business the same day in most cases. Give our Spring, TX toilet repair professional a call at 936-333-3086.

Our team can handle any job

Our team can handle any job

Whether you have a simple leak or a much bigger problem, Plumbing and Drain Innovations, LLC will take care of it. Our plumbing services include:

  • Clog removal
  • Flusher and flapper replacement
  • Leaking water lines connecting to flusher valve
  • Wax ring replacement and seating toilet to flange
  • Toilet flange repair and replacement
  • Relocating toilet in bathroom
  • Complete toilet replacement
  • Toilet testing for high water bills
  • And more

We can use a specialized camera to find the problem in your pipes and fix it properly.
Contact us today for toilet repair or replacement services in and around Spring, TX.